Heninger Park

Heninger park is a residential neighborhood that developed south of the original city core, primarily between 1910 and 1930. The neighborhood had few homes, mostly located in the northern half, when the area was partially mapped in 1895 by the Sanborn Company. Most of the land was agricultural in use due to the swampy nature of the area.


Brothers H. B. and Martin Heninger were responsible for developing and platting the tract following their purchase of thirty-four acres of what was known as the Palmer Tract in 1907. The Heningers planted trees, put in sidewalks and curbs, and paved the streets on what had been a barley field. Later they bought additional tracts of ten and eighteen acres which they also platted and improved. These properties were known as Heninger Additions Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. In 1921, Orange County historian Samuel Armor described the Heninger tracts as “the finest residence section of the city, built up with fine homes” adding, “Mr. Heninger and his brother have erected 150 houses on the property.” The major landmark of the neighborhood was Santa Ana Polytechnic High School (now Santa Ana High School), which occupied a campus that stretched from West Walnut to West Camille between South Ross and South Parton Streets.


Most of homes in the area showcase the Craftsman and Colonial Revival styles and to a lesser extent, the other revival styles of the 1920s. Homes range in size from one to two stories and are unified by common setbacks, the repetition of gabled rooflines and front porches, the use of similar materials, and on some blocks, by the canopy of street trees. Portions of South Birch Street and South Broadway, in particular, present intact Craftsman streetscapes. After replacement of some of the earlier homes with high density apartments in the 1970s and 1980s, the City of Santa Ana recognized the integrity of the Heninger Park neighborhood in 1986, by creating a Specific Development zoning district intended to preserve its historic character.

Heninger House (602 S Birch)
Wilson-Wagner House (530 S Birch)
Wilson-Wagner House (530 S Birch)
Wilson-Wagner House (530 S Birch)
303 S Broadway
303 S Broadway
414 S Broadway
414 S Broadway
Covington House (210 S Birch)
Covington House (210 S Birch)
307 S Broadway
311 S Broadway
402 S Sycamore
409 S Sycamore
411 S Sycamore
Coselman House (424 S Broadway)
309 S Sycamore
Gillespie House (426 S Broadway)
510 S Parton
706 S Birch
Judd-Wiseman House (707 S Birch)
715 S Ross
722 S Ross
726 S Ross
Bushard House (730 S Birch)
801 S Birch